“Country Fried Steak”

1/2 lb-organic sirloin…$4.51

2 cups organic flour…..$  .37

2-organic eggs w/2- tbls. – milk $.76

1-6oz bag sweet potato chips$3.69(processed to crumbs) 

Mom’s organic gravy:

1 cup organic milk$.43

1 cup organic free range chicken broth$.55

2-tbls. organic flour/2-tbls.  butter-$.12

Red mashed spuds:

1 lb organic red bliss creamers$1.oo

1/2 cup organic milk$.24

1/2 cup butter$.50

1 tsp. each salt/white pepper-negligable

Total Cost-less salad and dressing……..$12.05!  Dinner for two!  Now when doubling and tripling recipe you can’t multiply$12.05 x2 or x3 because there were extra ingredients left from the dinner for two. I would estimate $20.00 for four servings and $32.00 for six servings.  Either way I demonstrated that a 95%-98% organic meal can be affordable!  For leek and potato pancakes for tomorrow…You can bake off a couple sweet potatos tonight. I ran with one hour at 400 degrees for two jumbo sweet potatos.

This will be a pretty quick segment and will also be fun, affordable and organic!  I will knock it out quick and have it up by 6:00 P.M. E.S.T. See you then and…Healthiest Regards-Curt