Good Morning Campers!  The sun is trying to come out from where I sit along the bank of the mighty Potomac River!  I will be taking two days off from video shoots this week. Your cooking camp counselor Curt needs to recharge his batteries and complete formatting for Thursdays’  shoot.  This will give you some time to try any one or all….of the four recipes I posted in week #1!   I got a great question from Debbie in Fairfax, Virginia: ” Dear Curt, Thankyou for bringing us curtsculinarycamp!  It is clear that you care about our health.  I liked your recipe for leek and sweet potato pancakes-delicious!  What can I serve them with?”  Debbie-thanks for being an inquisitive camper!  The Leek and Sweet Potato Pancakes are a described as a side dish. It could be the vegetable component of a meal;  it can be the starch component of the meal, or both!  We are only limited by our imaginations campers!  In thinking outside of the box; I would take those two cakes you saw on the video, Lay one edge on top of the other…clean, peel and de-vein 5-16/20 count shrimp and saute them on medium burner/flame setting with 1 tablespoon butter and 1 teaspoon pureed chipotle pepper for about a minute. Your looking for the shrimp to be cooked solid white and pink. To make sure you have them fully cooked after that minute. Pull one out of the pan with tongs and cut into the fat end…If it is white-without any of the “rawness” you saw before they went into the pan…You are ready to arrange the shrimp on and around those two pancakes and pour the remaining chipotle butter on top.  This is one example, the possibilities can be infinite.  If any other campers discovered a unique use… be sure to share with us around the campfire!  For Thursday…prepare to be surprised!  Yes,  you should be wary of  Thursdays’  date….For the month of April:  I will feature original organic recipes using  Polyface Farm products!  I am already getting excited about Cinco de Mayo in May!  Having lived in Taos, New Mexico for ten years, I have some fantastic recipes that will turn up the heat on our camping adventures!  Thankyou for your inquiry Debbie in Fairfax,VA!  If any of you have any questions on my recipes or procedure…do not hesitate to ask!  I am here for you…Healthiest regards-Coach Curt