Allright campers…This one will send your tasters into orbit!  We rolled this recipe out of the camp kitchen this afternoon!   We asked ourselves…”How can we help you folks use up your Easter dinner left-overs?”  Wait until you try this!!! I mean-WOW-and I mean it! Here we go:  Into a 2 quart sauce pan goes :

3 Tblsp.-butter and 3Tblsp-flour on med. heat-your making roux again-savvy? Stir and cook until light brown-Then:

add:  1-12oz beer-I used Sam Adams-Boston Lager–1 cup milk–1 cup water

Stir with wire whisk-let it come  to a boil-turn heat to low-You see it thicken…good

Now…Stir in:2 Tblsp.-dry mustard–1 tsp.white pepper/1 tsp.salt—2 Tblsp. Worcestshire

And…1/2 lb(8oz)good quality…white cheddar (shredded)Keep stirring–Turn heat very low

Toast–Bay English Muffins—Cut sliced ham to  fit muffin-Assemble(See Video)Toasted muffins face-up on plate-Lay ham on muffin-Sliced Easter eggs-Then…Sauce-Serve with fruit-Enjoy!