I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend…rich in quality family time and wildly rewarding in the egg hunts!  Getting back to camp business…Again,  April is organic proteins month at Curt’s Culinary Camp.  We will be creating original, fabulous and nutritious recipes using organic meats from Polyface Farm in Swoope, VA!  I can’t wait until Wednesday  to go to my “pick-up” location and acquire my fresh organic meats and poultry for the April camp filming!  www.polyfacefarm.com for more info. on Joel and Sheri’s wonderful products.  I would like to thank my new friends Craig and Sharon in Woodbridge, VA for their great input to the “campsite”!  They provide two additional links to our kind of organic sources.  Day Spring Farm in Middleburg, VA features grass-fed, certified organic Scottish Highland beef-WOW!  Check out www.dayspringfarmva.com to see this and their other products!  Also…If you would enjoy pork that is finished in the forest, eating acorns and such…Link to www.forestfed.com  talk about great organic flavor!    Let us not forget that organic meats and poultry can be found in our grocery retailers. Nationally, there is Whole Foods and most chain retailers are providing a limited selection.  Organic protein sourcing is available to everyone…sometimes we have to “lift and look for it”…Something akin to our egg hunts yesterday! Healthiest regards-Coach Curt