Allright you guys!  As per your wishes…Coach Curt will be back in the kitchen tomorrow!  That’s right…Back by popular demand!  I will be doing a quick easy pork loin recipe.  If I know my campers out there…and I think I do…We will keep it simple; especially after all of the cooking you did this weekend!  Have in your shopping cart for tomorrow the following:1-box/can-organic chicken stock- 2 medium onions(preferably Vidalia or Mayan Sweets)  1 pint heavy cream-1 bottle/can of  paprika. 4 boneless pork loin cutlets 12oz-16oz in total weight(meaning 4-3oz/4/4oz)  Exact weight is non-critical…as long as your in the ballpark. In your pantry/fridge you will need a little flour and a little butter, salt and white pepper and some crushed garlic!  This will be a camp classic you can serve with a salad and one of your favorite dressings….  If  possible:  Always strive for organic ingredients!  I will be rolling out Polyface Farm pork!  Also-make sure your paprika is fresh and not past its’ expiration!  You do not want to use the stuff that has been hanging out in your pantry for five years!  I will see you tomorrow with your  coaching video for this dish!(5:00p.m.EST) Healthiest regards-Coach Curt