Mayan Cream Sauce:1 medium Mayan Sweet onion–1 cup heavy cream

                                            1/2 tsp. salt–1/2 tsp white pepper–cut onion in 1/2

                                              slice and “sweat ” on medium flame for 2 minutes–add

                                            1cup heavy cream and let reduce halfway…once reduced let simmer(low)

Paprikasse Sauce:      1-1/2 tblsp. butter/1-1/2 tblsp.flour(roux)cook on med. until nutty lt. brown

                                          whisk in 8 oz-organic chicken stock–Let come to boil–whisk in

                                1-1/2 tblsp.  paprika–1/2 tsp salt  Reduce heat to low simmer 10 min.

See video for searing of pork and plating!–Enjoy–Healthiest regards-Coach Curt