Good Morning Campers!  For Friday…I have planned a quick and easy meal…I got a few comments, earlier this week, expressing a wish for leniency; from me and a grueling camp cooking schedule!  I heard from my organic surfing beach camper out in N.Central California….His comment went something…like this,”Dude-I was cooking my ass off for Easter weekend; Can you throw us a few tasty “slam dunks” this week?”  As I said… I received a few requests with a similar theme…Your camp coach responded with a big yes!  Tomorrow’s “slam dunk” will be just what my tired campers are looking to see!  In your shopping cart: 1 bag of wheat pasta(Get something fun like spirals or penne!), 1 bag of frozen peas&carrots, 8oz of a quality white cheddar cheese and 1-lb of ground lamb…Now-if you are not a lamb fan like the rest of us…substitute lamb for:  ground beef, chicken or turkey.  Also in your pantry/fridge you will need milk, butter, minced garlic and a bit of flour!  I had minced garlic on your shopping list for yesterday’s filming-so you may have that already!  Make your day positive and wildly rewarding…Healthiest regards-Coach Curt