Wait until you put this one together…No knives necessary-Dinner in 15 minutes!  Recipe is as follows:

Get your water boiling…Drop in 12-oz  Natural Eddie’s Spaghetti(Vegetable Corkscrews)

In 2 quart sauce pan cook 1-1/2 tbl. butter–1-1/2 tbl. flour until nutty/beige

add:1-1/2 cups milk–2/3 cups water–whisk and bring to boil(see it thicken?-good)

drop in: 1/4- tsp.salt–1/8-tsp.nutmeg and stir in 5-0z shredded swiss cheese-simmer

Meanwhile…cook ground lamb,beef,chicken or turkey until fully cooked

When pasta is done…Drain and return it to pan throw in 1 lb thawed/frozen mixed

vegetables, cheese sauce and cooked ground protein of your choice!-Done…

See video for picky camper contingency-Enjoy!