Good Morning!  It is Monday…Come on now!  Don’t let it get you down!  Most of you enjoyed a weekend with beautiful weather…You are all working towards your goals!  Whether it be professional or being committed to a healthier way of living;  keep your eye on the prize folks!  Be extra excited about what’s coming down the trail on Thursday…Your camp coach will be filming from a secret remote “campsite” somewhere in the coastal Mid-Atlantic region…Thankyou for letting me take a few days to answer the National Restaurant Association Shows’ “Hot Chef Challenge”!  I look forward to ropin’ us a trophy and bringin’ it back to camp!  Also by April 23rd,  we will find out how we did in the Sassysweets-Sweet Potato Recipe Blog Contest…All three sweet potato recipes from week 1 were entered folks!  Let us keep our collective fingers crossed!  What busy campers we have been,  indeed!   I am glad to be back at camp; I am sure you are too!  If your not back yet…at least your headin’ that way!  Healthiest regards-Coach Curt