Good Morning Campers!  Welcome back!   You guys showed up at the campsite in droves yesterday-Awesome!  Tomorrow…I will be filming from a secret location…somewhere along the Mid-Atlantic Coast…I will show you how to get those sharp looking, diamond shaped grill marks on your favorite grilled foods!  We will use… boneless chicken breast, a petite filet mignon and two 15-20 ct shrimp per serving(4oz each on “bird and beast!”)  We will do a cute little mixed grill…Let us get some yellow and green squash to grill also!  I would like to thank my new friend Debbie for all of her great insight and organic food source connections!  I would also like to welcome to camp…our newest camper…SHELBY!  I will post my(and Debbie’s) organic food sources in Virginia tomorrow. This info can be found in Facebook-Groups- “Curt’s Organic Posse”!  Healthiest regards-Coach Curt