Good Evening Campers!  You all are staring down a beautiful weekend now…Congrats on making it through another week!  With your new organic approach in your lives…Getting through future weeks will only get easier!  For Sunday:  I will post two videos!  We will revisit the Organic Stove-Top Casserole Recipe…I’ve gotten a lot of questions on it.  I will post a very quick re-cap of it; covering the important details!  Secondly, with summer on the way, I will be doing some chilled pasta salads to help keep you cool and comfortable!  The first pasta salad will be an island theme.  We will incorporate organic chicken, pineapple, curry, spring onions, cilantro…with Organic “Eddies Spaghetti”-Vegetable Corkscrew pasta!-WOW!!!  See me Sunday evening for details!  Healthiest regards!-Coach Curt