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Camp Director Taking Much Needed Blogger Break!


This post is for everyone on planet Earth!  There is an infinite amount of recipes from every corner of the World. Yet, every nation does not use the same measuring standards.  To really zero in on those measures; I have located a fantastic tool to use! Go to You can access calculators to convert anything to anything!  Includes, yet not limited to the following: drop, pinch, teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, gills, hogsheads, pipes…Even most Americans, including myself, do not know that what we call a “pinch” is equal to precisely 0.06249 US-teaspoons!

“Fresh” Fruit Minted Chutney(SEE VIDEO BELOW)

Good Evening Folks!  I brought this recipe over from my YouTube site for your ease of perusal.  This is the base for your new and exciting condiment for your lamb burgers!  I will be doing this as well…Let’s take one cup of the minted chutney, puree it and determine how much Dijon mustard will be the perfect amount; without overpowering the minty fruitiness!  I would suspect…about a tablespoon.  Let’s try to get our camp homework done by Memorial Day…By the way, we are really onto something with this! Healthiest regards-Coach Curt

Hello Culinary Campees!  I just uploaded “Margarita Salmon”…It was knock your socks off delicious!  You know me pretty well by now.  I usually do not lavish my recipes with too much praise.  This one, however, deserves some extra kudos. Can you tell I even surprised myself?  Enough said on that.  I did make one mistake…Not being a drinker or mixologist…I mentioned rum as the liquor ingredient. Again; Oops…Better make that tequila!  My apologies on that…Also tomorrow I will be putting together lamburgers. That’s right…no misspelling there…lamburgers!  I will again be using some wonderful, sustainably farmed ground lamb from a supplier who apprenticed at Polyface Farms!  Healthiest regards-Coach Curt

As we approach Memorial Day Weekend…A thought occurred to me that sent my imagination and love for culinary history running wild!  At what point,  in the evolution of humanity,  did we acquire/prefer the taste for charred meat?  That is; under what circumstances did prehistoric man learn about this?  Let us take a moment to ponder this…shall we?  Here are my thoughts on this subject: Being a fourth generation Las Vegan; who has been told to “figure the odds on that” since I was five years old…I would be willing to bet that prehistoric man came upon charred meat before he learned how to make fire!  “How is that possible?”, You may ask…It is my contention that prehistoric man came upon charred critters as the result of a lightning strike that created a forest fire. Not only did he not have to chase the beast down and club, pummel, choke or drive it over a cliff; that beast was laying there cooked and ready to eat!  Prehistoric man, who was both a hunter and gatherer, subsisted largely on nuts,seeds, and plants.  On occasion, he would be able to hunt down some form of beast and probably eat it raw before the advent/discovery of making fire, right?  So when prehistoric man came upon this beast that had died as a result of a forest fire and was cooked at the scene…according to my scenario at that moment, when he took that first bite of cooked meat, do you think he enjoyed it or spit it out thinking “Wow that is really gross!”  Was he really too hungry to care?  Was he a loner or did he live/travel nomadically with a group? If he was with a group, did he drag that cooked carcass back to the group; as if it were a trophy or the discovery of a lifetime, which it had to have been by the way…Let me know your thoughts on these questions.  I would contend that modern man has a genetic predisposition to favoring barbequed/grilled meat because of this prehistoric discovery!   Again, let us share some thoughts at the campsite! Healthiest regards! Coach Curt

Curt’s Culinary Camp Takes Shot At Night Shoot

Good day campers!  As the title suggests…I will not wait on better weather to thrill you with new film projects!  I wanted to do some outdoor grilling segments for you!  The weather is looking sketchy for the next couple days…Therefore: I feel something hors d’ouvres-ish coming down the camp trail!  I will engineer some unique items to whet the appetite!  I also wanted to welcome an ever expanding viewership from Austria, Sweden, Italy, Greece and the United Kingdom just to name a few!  I will set up a metric conversion table at the “campsite” for your recipe measurements!  Healthiest regards-Coach Curt