Welcome back campers!  We are gearing up for Cinco de Mayo!  This green chili can be made with or without the lamb/beef!

Go ahead and take a 6-quart/heavy bottomed stock pot going with 1/4 cup vegetable

oil-get oil good and hot and add lamb or beef(1-lb) Brown-off meat until…Its’ really brown!

Add: 4 cups-diced yellow onion, 1/4 cup-minced garlic, 2-Tbls.-powdered cumin

1 teasp.-each…coriander,crushed red pepper and oregano!  Really cook this hard on high heat…

We are looking for: Onions to be browned…almost…burned!  Add 1 cup of your favorite

Mexican beer…Let reduce by half…Add 2-cups-organic chicken stock and 32oz-Diced green chili/

chili puree and 1-cup diced tomatos…  Stir well, return to boiling…add 4-Tbls-roux…Whisk in very well-Let simmer for 20min.!