Welcome to my camp! I am Warren “Curt” Williams. I am a European trained chef with 20 years of cooking experiece. I have become, wildly, dismayed at what is available to us in our food chain. Having an intimate knowledge of food allows me to see this processed “food” for what it is, anti-nutritious! Jack Lalanne-the legendary, tough guy, fitness guru, celebrated his 95th birthday on September 26, 2009. I grew up watching his fitness show when I was a kid in San Carlos, California. Later in my life, he was quoted as saying “If humans make it, Don’t eat it!” I thought to myself “Everything I eat is made by humans; is this guy crazy or what!?” To all of you reading this: the answer is a resounding “OR WHAT!” I am now a youthful 44 year old; again, 20 of which, earning a living in the food industry. What Jack was getting at is vividly clear to me! Today, I am as passionate an organic food advocate as I am a processed food activist. I am going to share my knowledge, recipes and cooking techniques with you. While going “all in” on an organic diet can be very expensive and financially untenable; especially in a bad economy, I have a plan where we can ease into it by providing you with largely organic recipes. When organic food sourcing becomes more “the norm” and not the exception, we will see prices go down. As an example, organic meat and poultry has a 1% market share right now! This is where most of our protein exists folks! In launching this site, I am going to keep it simple; I will be providing recipes and video showing cooking technique. From this combination; you will be able to watch the video in your kitchen while using my original, largely organic, recipes!