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As we approach Memorial Day Weekend…A thought occurred to me that sent my imagination and love for culinary history running wild!  At what point,  in the evolution of humanity,  did we acquire/prefer the taste for charred meat?  That is; under what circumstances did prehistoric man learn about this?  Let us take a moment to ponder this…shall we?  Here are my thoughts on this subject: Being a fourth generation Las Vegan; who has been told to “figure the odds on that” since I was five years old…I would be willing to bet that prehistoric man came upon charred meat before he learned how to make fire!  “How is that possible?”, You may ask…It is my contention that prehistoric man came upon charred critters as the result of a lightning strike that created a forest fire. Not only did he not have to chase the beast down and club, pummel, choke or drive it over a cliff; that beast was laying there cooked and ready to eat!  Prehistoric man, who was both a hunter and gatherer, subsisted largely on nuts,seeds, and plants.  On occasion, he would be able to hunt down some form of beast and probably eat it raw before the advent/discovery of making fire, right?  So when prehistoric man came upon this beast that had died as a result of a forest fire and was cooked at the scene…according to my scenario at that moment, when he took that first bite of cooked meat, do you think he enjoyed it or spit it out thinking “Wow that is really gross!”  Was he really too hungry to care?  Was he a loner or did he live/travel nomadically with a group? If he was with a group, did he drag that cooked carcass back to the group; as if it were a trophy or the discovery of a lifetime, which it had to have been by the way…Let me know your thoughts on these questions.  I would contend that modern man has a genetic predisposition to favoring barbequed/grilled meat because of this prehistoric discovery!   Again, let us share some thoughts at the campsite! Healthiest regards! Coach Curt


Curt’s Culinary Camp Takes Shot At Night Shoot

Good day campers!  As the title suggests…I will not wait on better weather to thrill you with new film projects!  I wanted to do some outdoor grilling segments for you!  The weather is looking sketchy for the next couple days…Therefore: I feel something hors d’ouvres-ish coming down the camp trail!  I will engineer some unique items to whet the appetite!  I also wanted to welcome an ever expanding viewership from Austria, Sweden, Italy, Greece and the United Kingdom just to name a few!  I will set up a metric conversion table at the “campsite” for your recipe measurements!  Healthiest regards-Coach Curt

Organic Greek Polenta

Good Morning!  Again…Your Camp Director will be filming from a secret location along the Mid-Atlantic Coast!  I will film another vegetarian  segment  this weekend; incorporating polenta, fresh spinach, wild mushrooms and toasted pine nuts for a tastylicious recipe for your enjoyment!  At Camp Williams II…We will be doing some indoor and outdor shoots. It will be great fun and I look forward to seeing the usual culinary camping crowd!  Also, thankyou for all of your great questions and input!  What makes this fun and rewarding for me is; seeing that you are genuinely excited about enhancing your health through organic nutrition. I have received many reports of folks out there already seeing healthy dividends!  Dina out in Monterey,CA- really has the “bubble” on what we are trying to accomplish through Curt’s Culinary Camp by saying; “It’s as if each organic bite we take is an investment in our health…We truly are what we eat!”  Healthiest regards-Coach Curt

Hello Culinary Campers!  I am super-excited about what you have to look forward to in this weeks camp agenda!  My neighbor, Rena, was chatting me up at the local coffee trough…She requested more vegetarian themed recipes/cooking videos.  In answering this request…I had to do some research on vegetenarianism!  The following is some information adapted from a piece that Jolinda Hackett wrote for  It captures “The Bubble” on vegetarianism and types of vegetarians…I would also like to thank my dear friend Lydia down in Fort Myers Beach, FL for also differentiating vegetarian types for me.

1)-Pescatarian-People who do not eat meat or animal flesh, but will eat fish.

2)-Flexitarian/Semi-vegetarian-Those who eat a mostly vegetarian diet, but occasionally eat meat.

3)-Lacto-Ovo-People who do not eat beef, pork, poultry, fish, shellfish or animal flesh of any kind, but do eat eggs and dairy products.

4)Vegan-Vegans do not eat meat of any kind and also do not eat eggs, dairy products, or processed foods containing these or other animal derived ingredients such as gelatin.

     Now that we have shed some light on vegetarian diets…You, Rena and the rest of our esteemed camp following, can expect something pescatarian…I promised my friend Anna that I would do something innovative using a Kashi brand product in a recipe. So…be looking for Kashi Cereal Breaded Shrimp with a home made cocktail sauce!  I will create/shoot this segment today!  Then…in the next day or two, I will use polenta, fresh spinach, wild mushrooms and pine nuts for a tasty, original recipe/video for my vegan camp attendees!  These will be quick and easy!  Most importantly…Healthy!!!  Healthiest regards-Coach Curt

Cook that delicious strata in a 350-degree, preheated oven for 40 minutes!  By the way; prep time on this is as fast as you can crack 6-eggs and slice some bread and a tomato! I noticed that clean-up was less than 2 minutes!  Healthiest regards, Coach Curt

Gentlemen Campers…For tomorrows’ video…you should gather/acquire the following: A dozen eggs-1/2lb-shredded cheddar(orange)baguette or loaf of French bread-2-medium tomatos-1-oz-fresh basil-red onion. And:a cheap white wine for cooking-1 pint half&half…a bottle of champagne-Orange Juice and fresh berries! Here is the scenario…On Mother’s Day…Your Sweetie/Significant Other will be sleeping in while you GUYS…put together a VERY simple Breakfast Strata and Berry Laced Mimosas! It’s Mother’s Day so reach for good wholesome organic ingredients!  I will post video to walk you through this tomorrow…YES…I will, again, be there for you!  Healthiest regards, Coach Curt           P.S….Shhhhh! It’s a surprise!