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Welcome back campers!  We are gearing up for Cinco de Mayo!  This green chili can be made with or without the lamb/beef!

Go ahead and take a 6-quart/heavy bottomed stock pot going with 1/4 cup vegetable

oil-get oil good and hot and add lamb or beef(1-lb) Brown-off meat until…Its’ really brown!

Add: 4 cups-diced yellow onion, 1/4 cup-minced garlic, 2-Tbls.-powdered cumin

1 teasp.-each…coriander,crushed red pepper and oregano!  Really cook this hard on high heat…

We are looking for: Onions to be browned…almost…burned!  Add 1 cup of your favorite

Mexican beer…Let reduce by half…Add 2-cups-organic chicken stock and 32oz-Diced green chili/

chili puree and 1-cup diced tomatos…  Stir well, return to boiling…add 4-Tbls-roux…Whisk in very well-Let simmer for 20min.!

There is an ancient trade route in the Southwest that extended from Monterrey-Mexico to Taos, New Mexico.  This trade route was heavily used back in the early/mid. 16th century when Coronado made his first appearance in New Mexico!  Coronado was an explorer from Spain…When he and his explorers first saw the sun reflecting from Taos Pueblo(ancient adobe/hardened mud constructed); he was convinced it was made of gold!  Francisco Vasquez de Coronado set out in 1540 from Compostela(Mexico) with an elaborate expedition to find the fabled wealth of the Seven Cities of Cibola to the North.   The expedition crossed the Sonoran desert and SE Arizona and reached Cibola itself- the Zuni country of New Mexico…His expedition found no fabled wealth!  the expedition did explore Taos, Acoma and various other Pueblos near the Rio grande.(encyclopedia.com)

Howdy Campers!…Those bread crumbs were….Japanese “Panko” crumbs…Easy to find in most grocery stores!  Did you happen to notice my look of disbelief when my room mates girlfriend thought it would be a good idea to walk “On Set” and use the garbage can!?!  That’s our girl Tiff…We now call her the “Photog-Hog”….But, we love her!  I just ate the SW Chicken Cordon Bleu…WOW! and Wow!  Healthiest regards! Coach Curt