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This post is for everyone on planet Earth!  There is an infinite amount of recipes from every corner of the World. Yet, every nation does not use the same measuring standards.  To really zero in on those measures; I have located a fantastic tool to use! Go to www.onlineconversion.com You can access calculators to convert anything to anything!  Includes, yet not limited to the following: drop, pinch, teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, gills, hogsheads, pipes…Even most Americans, including myself, do not know that what we call a “pinch” is equal to precisely 0.06249 US-teaspoons!


Good day campers!  As the title suggests…I will not wait on better weather to thrill you with new film projects!  I wanted to do some outdoor grilling segments for you!  The weather is looking sketchy for the next couple days…Therefore: I feel something hors d’ouvres-ish coming down the camp trail!  I will engineer some unique items to whet the appetite!  I also wanted to welcome an ever expanding viewership from Austria, Sweden, Italy, Greece and the United Kingdom just to name a few!  I will set up a metric conversion table at the “campsite” for your recipe measurements!  Healthiest regards-Coach Curt

Good Morning England!!!

                                                   I review all of my analytics for my campsite each night.  I thought I had a computer glitch occuring…I would see viewers…viewing for the following day.  After one month as Curt’s Culinary Camp…I have “Cracked the Code”!!!  It is my campers abroad that are creating, not an anomaly, but, this new dynamic!  Cheers again!  Your culinary ambassador-Jamie Oliver is doing fantastic work over here, changing the way our children eat at school!  I would wish to be your culinary ambassador in changing the way you source your food!  Organic food sourcing is the only, tenable-long-term, way to go.  Not only for the English or Americans but, for the human species!  Watch Jamie’s show…if you have not already.  It really defines the essence of my platform on organic food sourcing!  Jamie “O” is showing the very worst of the processed food spectrum.  The reality is all processed food is largely anti-nutritive and bad for our health!  Healthiest regards-Coach Curt