Good Morning!  Again…Your Camp Director will be filming from a secret location along the Mid-Atlantic Coast!  I will film another vegetarian  segment  this weekend; incorporating polenta, fresh spinach, wild mushrooms and toasted pine nuts for a tastylicious recipe for your enjoyment!  At Camp Williams II…We will be doing some indoor and outdor shoots. It will be great fun and I look forward to seeing the usual culinary camping crowd!  Also, thankyou for all of your great questions and input!  What makes this fun and rewarding for me is; seeing that you are genuinely excited about enhancing your health through organic nutrition. I have received many reports of folks out there already seeing healthy dividends!  Dina out in Monterey,CA- really has the “bubble” on what we are trying to accomplish through Curt’s Culinary Camp by saying; “It’s as if each organic bite we take is an investment in our health…We truly are what we eat!”  Healthiest regards-Coach Curt