My dear culinary camp following!   Thanks to you and The Cooking Channel for giving me the chance to recharge my blogging batteries!  What I see in my camps’ crystal ball is…Are you ready for this?  We are going to visit the Paleo Diet…We are going to dabble in the cuisine  of Southern France and we are going to have tons of fun doing it!  So…go ahead and throw your cooking gear in your backpacks and follow me down the camp trail on these new adventures!  I know your first question already…I can hear my viewers out in Humboldt County, CA texting me saying; “Dude…Paleo what???”   I just stumbled upon the Paleo Diet during my break!  It just goes to show you guys…even when I am taking a “blogger break”;  I am still out there looking,  high and low,  for ways to enable you to increase your quality of life through better nutrition!  Here is a fantastic link that will bring you up to speed on the types of food we will be using in the coming days!  Welcome back and Healthiest regards!  Coach Curt