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Cook that delicious strata in a 350-degree, preheated oven for 40 minutes!  By the way; prep time on this is as fast as you can crack 6-eggs and slice some bread and a tomato! I noticed that clean-up was less than 2 minutes!  Healthiest regards, Coach Curt


Gentlemen Campers…For tomorrows’ video…you should gather/acquire the following: A dozen eggs-1/2lb-shredded cheddar(orange)baguette or loaf of French bread-2-medium tomatos-1-oz-fresh basil-red onion. And:a cheap white wine for cooking-1 pint half&half…a bottle of champagne-Orange Juice and fresh berries! Here is the scenario…On Mother’s Day…Your Sweetie/Significant Other will be sleeping in while you GUYS…put together a VERY simple Breakfast Strata and Berry Laced Mimosas! It’s Mother’s Day so reach for good wholesome organic ingredients!  I will post video to walk you through this tomorrow…YES…I will, again, be there for you!  Healthiest regards, Coach Curt           P.S….Shhhhh! It’s a surprise!