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12 oz.-bag Eddie’s Spaghetti Organic Pasta-Cook for 9 minutes(see video…)

3-4lb-organic chicken-simmer for 1 hour w/5 or 6 bay leaves.

1-cup fresh diced mango

For the Dressing…2-cups mayonnaise…8oz-organic coconut milk…2-8oz cans

crushed pineapple…1/4 cup minced chives…1and1/2 cups pineapple juice

1/2 cup toasted coconut flakes…4 Tblsp-good quality curry powder…garnish with

chopped cilantro-toasted coconut-black sesame seeds and lime wedges!

See video for technique coaching!  Campers…This is the final recipe for your new salad!  I made a few changes based on what the salad becomes after overnight ingredient marrying!  If you already made this…drop in extra 12oz can of crushed pineapple and 1and1/2 cups pineapple juice!-Healthiest regards-Coach Curt


Good Morning England!!!

                                                   I review all of my analytics for my campsite each night.  I thought I had a computer glitch occuring…I would see viewers…viewing for the following day.  After one month as Curt’s Culinary Camp…I have “Cracked the Code”!!!  It is my campers abroad that are creating, not an anomaly, but, this new dynamic!  Cheers again!  Your culinary ambassador-Jamie Oliver is doing fantastic work over here, changing the way our children eat at school!  I would wish to be your culinary ambassador in changing the way you source your food!  Organic food sourcing is the only, tenable-long-term, way to go.  Not only for the English or Americans but, for the human species!  Watch Jamie’s show…if you have not already.  It really defines the essence of my platform on organic food sourcing!  Jamie “O” is showing the very worst of the processed food spectrum.  The reality is all processed food is largely anti-nutritive and bad for our health!  Healthiest regards-Coach Curt

Hello Campers!  I have posted: one video on cooking pasta to perfection!  I noticed on playing it back in HD…a little stuttering in the playback!  Here is the solution…Hit pause on the bottom of the video screen…wait a minute or two for the video to load…and hit play again!  Be On The Look-Out for two other short videos coming to you within the next two hours!  Yes…it has been a busy day in the camp kichen! Healthiest regards-Coach Curt

Moving Forward Down The Camp Trail…

Good Evening Campers!  You all are staring down a beautiful weekend now…Congrats on making it through another week!  With your new organic approach in your lives…Getting through future weeks will only get easier!  For Sunday:  I will post two videos!  We will revisit the Organic Stove-Top Casserole Recipe…I’ve gotten a lot of questions on it.  I will post a very quick re-cap of it; covering the important details!  Secondly, with summer on the way, I will be doing some chilled pasta salads to help keep you cool and comfortable!  The first pasta salad will be an island theme.  We will incorporate organic chicken, pineapple, curry, spring onions, cilantro…with Organic “Eddies Spaghetti”-Vegetable Corkscrew pasta!-WOW!!!  See me Sunday evening for details!  Healthiest regards!-Coach Curt

Good Morning Campers!  Welcome back!   You guys showed up at the campsite in droves yesterday-Awesome!  Tomorrow…I will be filming from a secret location…somewhere along the Mid-Atlantic Coast…I will show you how to get those sharp looking, diamond shaped grill marks on your favorite grilled foods!  We will use… boneless chicken breast, a petite filet mignon and two 15-20 ct shrimp per serving(4oz each on “bird and beast!”)  We will do a cute little mixed grill…Let us get some yellow and green squash to grill also!  I would like to thank my new friend Debbie for all of her great insight and organic food source connections!  I would also like to welcome to camp…our newest camper…SHELBY!  I will post my(and Debbie’s) organic food sources in Virginia tomorrow. This info can be found in Facebook-Groups- “Curt’s Organic Posse”!  Healthiest regards-Coach Curt

Heading Back To Camp!

Good Morning!  It is Monday…Come on now!  Don’t let it get you down!  Most of you enjoyed a weekend with beautiful weather…You are all working towards your goals!  Whether it be professional or being committed to a healthier way of living;  keep your eye on the prize folks!  Be extra excited about what’s coming down the trail on Thursday…Your camp coach will be filming from a secret remote “campsite” somewhere in the coastal Mid-Atlantic region…Thankyou for letting me take a few days to answer the National Restaurant Association Shows’ “Hot Chef Challenge”!  I look forward to ropin’ us a trophy and bringin’ it back to camp!  Also by April 23rd,  we will find out how we did in the Sassysweets-Sweet Potato Recipe Blog Contest…All three sweet potato recipes from week 1 were entered folks!  Let us keep our collective fingers crossed!  What busy campers we have been,  indeed!   I am glad to be back at camp; I am sure you are too!  If your not back yet…at least your headin’ that way!  Healthiest regards-Coach Curt